Reviews of the novel “The Mystery of the Lost Ring”
by Ivan Stoyanov-Barry

An extremely interesting historical tale, filled with mystery, with love, with many figurative pictures, with a magical miracle grabs you from the first moment and does not let you go, because you want to know what will happen next. Well done for the masterful, magical pen of Ivan Stoyanov Barry! I recommend everyone to read it and don’t worry, it will keep you in suspense and you will read until the end of the book or until you fall asleep over it.

Margarita Ivanova Gita

My dear friend! Thank you too for the amazing book! I enjoy it very much and I am amazed at your storytelling talent, full of so much spontaneous fantasy!!! Be alive and well and thank you for “The Mystery of the Lost Ring”… from the bottom of my heart!!!”

Prof. Micho Dimitrov
Good morning!
I had decided to read and relax between the holidays, but last night I decided to read before going to sleep, and it turned out that I woke up!
Your book captivated me and I wanted to follow, and I am watching what happens… I am very pleasantly surprised by your skills as a storyteller, and the ideas you put forward are timeless, and maybe this makes people search for their dreams and their fulfillment. Scotland has always been a land of magic and fairytale characters, but this ring, crafted with love, sweat and tears, perfect in its grace, will carry more than hopeless love and mother’s sorrow. It is not only a struggle between good and evil, there is a lot of knowledge material, there is a mystique for those who love these plots, there is romance, which I think is your favorite part, because when I read the introduction to the novel written by Doris, I happily think, that after so many years you carry this wonderful feeling between you, and because I have been excited about the subject of reincarnation for more than 30 years, I follow,

Toni Chatalarska

Your book is amazing, wonderful, magical, I read it in one sitting, happy holidays and weekdays to you and your family!

Angelina Tsankova

An amazing novel, so fascinating that I read it “in one sitting”! Thank you for the opportunity to read “The Mystery of the Lost Ring”, and I wish the author – much creative success!

Julieta Koleva

I want to tell you that right from the video, your novel grabbed me. And I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to read it.
Good evening or at this time of day, good morning!
I just read your book and I want to tell you that I really enjoyed it. It’s written in a really engaging way and the story is very engaging and interesting! I’ll be looking forward to a part two if there is one!

Desi Angelova
Stara Zagora

Just a few days ago I read the book on negative time! It got me, I couldn’t stop and it gave me a sleepless night! At the beginning I was reading as if it were a fairy tale, but in modern times the action took on another nuance! You have described everything as if it were a retold reality and more and more of the action is unfolding before my eyes, I still ask myself the question “Are there any?”……… Thanks for the experience, for the adventure, for the thoughts! Stay healthy Barry and surprise us more! Greetings from me!Yordanka Georgieva

Today, a magnificent article (full page) was published in the newspaper “Bulgaria today”, dedicated to the novel “The Mystery of the Lost Ring”. I offer my real, heartfelt thanks to the newspaper team for the kind words about the novel!!! Unbelievable! I’m glad there are good people in this world!Nikolina of Cadiz

Thank you BARRY for the pleasure you gave me with your novel! Reading it made me think about the eternal struggle between good and evil! Each of us carries both – good and evil, and everyone decides for himself which of the two to live with! May we never get to the point of going through Hell so we don’t have to remember it afterwards! Thanks again and BE BLESSED!!!Snezhana Koleva


Thanks for the opportunity to read The Mystery of the Lost Ring! It is really a fairy tale shrouded in mystery, filled with many miracles, many figurative pictures, adventures flowing into each other, which keep one in suspense. The book is a real living labyrinth from which there is no way out until one reads it! Congratulations Barry!Maria Tsankova

Thanks for The Mystery of the Lost Ring! A wonderful story about the labyrinth and the power of the soul in love, about the mystery of human destiny. They fantastically flow the past into the present, enchantingly beautiful paintings take you into a masterfully presented dynamic fairy-tale world from which you do not want to leave! Congratulations to the author Ivan Stoyanov-Barry!Marianna Kunov

Thank you very much for the honor! I really enjoyed the beginning, which was released for public access. I will bring her with great pleasure! It was engrossing and out of the box, unpredictable development and a non-burdening style, a pleasure to read! Thank you so much!
It is inevitable! I hope I have time to make it sooner! A tribute to your talent!
You don’t look like an ordinary person!
I’ve been reading since I was a kid!
And your story captivated me, it’s not predictable, the style is nice! You have blown me away and I will get to the end as soon as possible! If not a bow, then at least – most sincere congratulations!Ivailo Ivanov

Crotone, Italy
I read the book with interest. This is an extraordinary, amazing story. I liked the beginning the most and when Barry and Theodora watched the planes take off from the bench near the airport.Velina Rangelova


I read the first few pages after the introduction, say 10 or so… I really liked the idea, really mysterious and exciting I find your book. Congratulations Barry and of course Doris (“Behind every successful man there is a strong woman!” I would add who supports him and makes his job easier.Bojana van der Horst

Wormer, Netherlands
Friends, I recommend you to read this historical novel, full of beautiful pictures, mystery and love, which will grab you and take you to a mysterious world!

Tanya Zhelezova
San Francisco