Where can you buy the novel The Mystery of the Lost Ring?
author of the novel: Ivan Stoyanov-Barry – The book version via the Mijnbestseller.nl webshop for € 15.95 + € 2.50 ( books are also sent to Bulgaria + € 3.48 )- The book version via Emigrant BG for € 15 .95 + € 2.50 ( books are also sent to Bulgaria + € 3.48 ) * Note: If you want to buy through Emigrant BG, please contact us by clicking the button below: [show_tagwebs_beauty_contact_popup_form id= ”1″]


Download the first 50 pages for free in pdf or e-pub format: The digital version of the entire novel , temporarily available for 1 euro by paying via PayPal For more information and instructions

The novel “The Mystery of the Lost Ring” is now on Google Play for tablets and phones.
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Enjoy reading!
Author of the novel, Ivan Stoyanov-Barry. Amsterdam